Track Of The Day – Sophie Jamieson – ‘Stain’

Credit where credit’s due it was actually our fellow blogger Tiffany over at Drunken Werewolf who was so impressed with singer songwriter Sophie Jamieson that she decided to fire over an email. Now, given that the earnest singer songwriter arena is somewhat over-saturated we readily admit we didn’t exactly leap and bound over to Sophie’s soundcloud page.

Of course in retrospect we really should have because when we did at the end of last year –  WOW…that voice, a voice so drenched in emotion that she seems to summon it from the epicentre of her soul. Now this might sound a little like typical bloggy hyperbole as we wrestle with words to describe music in a way that conjures up a man trying to open a can of Corned Beef with his teeth. But really if you listen to her latest track ‘Stain’ and it doesn’t cause a tingle down your spine or the stirring of your soul, well you must be Nick Clegg, a hollow empty shambolic simulation of a man lacking in both vertebrae and feeling.

Unlike a lot of acoustic music, Sophie’s doesn’t leave you thinking ‘Hmm, well that was jolly nice’ before instantly forgetting it and toddling off to creosote the fence  –  ‘Stain’ leaves its indelible mark on you and draws you down into it’s dark aphotic, albeit incredibly beautiful depths.  Magical and majestic.


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