Track Of The Day – SPC ECO – ‘Push’

SPC ECO (pronounced SPACE ECHO) is often referred to as Curve legend Dean Garcia’s musical “project.”  We’ve never really liked the word “project” when it refers to anything artistic!  “Project” always sounds far too corporate and restrictive and SPC ECO, has always been about artistic collaboration and experimentation.  Their talent lies in the ability to try out new ideas, bending and sculpting soundscapes which ultimately results in innovative, genre traversing music that casts a spell over the listener.  The voice and words for SPC ECHO are provided by Dean’s daughter Rose Berlin and the title track from their new EP ‘Push’ is a beautiful, dreamlike slice of electronic goodness.  The subtle mix of driving beats, throbbing bass line, and ghostly guitar drones mixed with celestial vocals certainly hits the spot and one hopes will be the precursor to a new album!

And here’s the video


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