Track Of The Day – SPC ECO – ‘Zombie’

Apt title with Halloween just around the corner you might think, but SPC ECO return with a tune that is rather more hauntingly beautiful than ghastly or horrific.  In fact, word is SPC ECO (Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin) are actually working on a separate Halloween themed EP as we type.  Prolific isn’t the word but it’s never been at the expense of quality, indeed SPC ECO just keep on releasing wonderfully evocative atmospheric pop that other artists would die for.

Their music is always a perfectly judged balance between darkness and light, sugar and spite.  It’s near criminal that such wonderful music isn’t playlisted on certain licence funded radio stations who, without any irony proudly proclaim they are “all about new music.”  Radio however is no longer the Holy Grail it once was and perhaps still yet, the internet will give birth to a new platform that is sustainable, equitable, and not controlled by the big labels.  One perhaps which rewards artists whilst allowing genuine creativity to flourish.  We can but dream.

Zombie EP Cover

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  1. I AGREE with all of the above…SPC Eco is the truest expression of Self and Oneness with All …This Family lives every moment of every day balancing "between darkness and light, sugar and spite". That frequency is where they're at. They'll go on and they'll be strong…its what they doooooooooooooo


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