Track Of The Day – Spookyland – ‘Rock n Roll Weakling’

This is the title track from Spookyland’s debut studio EP ‘Rock n Roll Weakling.’  They sound not unlike a band occupying an intriguing musical hinterland somewhere between Ezra Furman and Spear Of Destiny or perhaps some of their previous tunes will conjure up the bizarre and not entirely wholesome image of  Bob Dylan and Kirk Brandon singing a duet in a tin bath?  It’s visceral, impassioned, and imbued with an emotionally raw sense of poetic introspection i.e. / certainly worth investigating…

And so far we’ve discovered Spookyland hail from Sydney Australia, they appear to be a band but are often referenced in the singular so we’re guessing singer and songwriter Marcus Gordon is the driving creative force behind Spookyland.  Furthermore we’ve also discovered  he quite likes painting his face in such a way that he often resembles a cross between Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner and Mr. Incredible but perhaps more importantly we can also reveal their debut EP is released via Monday Records on 18th of July.

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