Track Of The Day – Strangers – ‘Never Enough.’

Strangers are a band who have probably reconciled themselves to the fact that they will oft be compared to dark synth overlords Depeche Mode.  This of course is no bad thing (unless you’re one of those snore inducing intellectual giants who class every comparison as ‘lazy’) because the influence of ‘the Mode’ is apparent on this heartfelt slice of electro pop. There’s the dark throbbing synth beats, the huge rousing ‘fist in the air’ chorus and the sense of striving for something that remains elusively just out of reach. This track is actually the B-Side to their recent single ‘Something New’ and features the rather splendid vocal talents of Ellie Fletcher (a.k.a KYIKI.) It is of course far too good to be considered a B-side; hence it’s Track of the Day status.  A fabulous tune from a collective who seem to raise the bar with every release.

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