Swim School – Outside

Track Of The Day – Swim School – Outside

Half of my family are from Scotland, as is half my record collection. I also own two kilts and regularly visit the homeland (before COVID) .  And I’ve enjoyed Edinburgh 4-piece Swim School’s output so much that I’ve just bought their discography on Bandcamp. Their latest release “Outside” is all about huge distorted guitars combined with an emphatically melodic chorus beautifully realised by singer Alice Johnson’s mellifluous vocals.

It is exactly the sort of tune my Scottish friends would call “Fuckin’ stoatin.” ( That’s one for a future press release eh ? No flowery language there, just straight to the point 🙂 and I can only concur.

 “Outside” flawlessly conveys a real sense of liberation and Johnson has described the song thus : “Outside” is based on the negative impact the toxic people have on your mental health and the moment you realise how toxic they are. It’s not until you step back from the situation, that you realise their use of manipulation such as gaslighting and dishonestly was actually destroying your mental health. It made you question everything you did and slowly ate away at your confidence leading to you being unhappy. It’s about the challenge of finding the strength to cut toxic people out of your life and putting yourself, your happiness and your mental state first. It’s also about realising that toxic people will never change and that is not your responsibility to change them.”


 Swim School also play The Great Escape online this evening Friday 14/05/21 – 7:12 PM GMT Stage 3 You can register here for free to watch – https://greatescapefestival.com/tge-online/

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