Track Of The Day – Swiss Lips – Danz

There is no rule to our “Track Of The Day” feature, it doesn’t have to be so new it’s not been heard by human ears. We just have to love it a bit, or quite possibly a lot. In this case its a “CAPS LOCK LOT.”     Today’s tune is brought to you by Manchester’s Swiss Lips, whom we caught live at Sound City last week and who were mind blowingly great. With “Danz” there’s no “fannying” about, it is quite simply a soaring pop blitzkrieg, imbued with style, content and has  more massive hooks than Abu Hamza at a pirate convention, or New Order’s former bassist at a family reunion in a hall of mirrors.  A pounding, relentless life affirming mix of pop, dance, electro and indie which could well be sound-tracking your summer this year 😉

  Here’s the video, shot around Manchester (note legendary Salford Boys Club nod)  everybody really should learn this dance ! Epic !



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