Track Of The Day – Sylver Tongue – “Hook You Up”

It was whispered in darkest corners of cyberspace that Sylver Tongue is actually none other than Charlotte Hatherley, based, mainly on the fact that she looked exactly like Charlotte Hatherley, a rumour now being given added weight, in no small part, due to the fact that she’s confirmed it is indeed she.

Hook You Up” is an exceptionally cool, sexily pulsating track which is a million miles away from her work with Ash and not really representative of much of her solo work (ok so maybe the excellent Black N’Red remix of Alexander” was a nod in this direction.) The fact that its “a tune” is no surprise given her track record, however  perhaps what is startling is the effortless ease in which she has switched genres and produced an elegant mature and sophisticated slice of electronic pop. Fans of  the “artist formerly known as Charlotte Hatherley” have no need to fear change, because when such change produces something so graceful, so elegant, so damned good, they really have no option but to let their ears embrace it.

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You can grab a free download of this track via the Sylver Tongue website the

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