Tallies – “Wound Up Tight”

Toronto band Tallies release a new EP entitled “Wound Up Tight” which in addition to the title track, also contains “Heavens Touch” and last year’s single, “No Dreams of Fayres”. The title track features a heavier take on dream pop with washes of synths bubbling and swirling beneath layers of incendiary distorted guitar licks. As the title suggests, it really captures a genuine sense of frustration and a wish to break free from your current situation.  Singer Sarah Cogan explains: “This song is about being stuck in a constant rotating vicious cycle that makes one want to tear their own hair out. It’s about a feeling towards someone who just doesn’t care enough to make a change.”

Tallies will play SXSW and New Colossus (New York) in March 2022 – with more new music and live dates coming soon.

Tallies Wesbsite

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