Track Of The Day – The Anchoress – ‘Long Year’

After the thrilling ‘revenge pop’ of her debut single ‘What Goes Around’ singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Catherine Anne Davies emerges once more as “The Anchoress” with the first track from her forthcoming ‘One For Sorrow EP’

‘Long Year’ is a slow-burning, slinky, sophisticated helping of brooding pop noir, highlighting a fabulously seductive, narcotic vocal which prowls and curls itself around a song that has a sinister hypnotic allure.

It’s co produced by Paul Draper ( Mansun) and the EP is set for release on 3rd November 2014.  The special collector’s edition  comes as a ribbon-wrapped bundle which includes a limited 4-track EP CD (signed by Catherine AD and Paul Draper), alongside a personalised hand stamped library card from The Anchoress, and a hand-picked vintage romance novel (as seen in the “book-bath” photo shoot above).  It is also available as a limited edition 12 inch and digital download ahead of debut album the ‘Confessions of a Romance Novelist’  set for release early 2015.



  1. One For Sorrow
  2. Once Upon A Lie
  3. Long Year
  4. One For Sorrow (Philip Reach Requiem Mix)

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