Track Of The Day – The Beverly Kills – Revellers

There must be something in the waters of the Göta älv river as Gothenburg seems to yield a large number of bands who seem to be able to effortlessly produce evocative melodic jangling indie pop.

You can add Beverly Kills to your list of favourite Swedish bands who just seem to instinctively nail this sort of gorgeous dream pop. ‘Revellers’ is the bands 4th single which encapsulates and distils their essence perfectly, dreamy yet urgent spiralling guitars mask the sombre slightly twisted lyrics. Alma Westerlund’s vocals may sound celestial but when she sings “there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves” you are left in little doubt that Beverly Kills are as much about the shade as they are the light.

The song was written after guitarist John Jonsén read about the increasing incidents of the ‘Bystander Effect’ in Sweden – the apparent psychological effect of the inhibiting influence of the presence of others on a person’s willingness to help someone in need. And perhaps the increasingly bizarre habit of getting your cell phone out,  not to ring emergency services for help but rather to live stream an incident! This led to John ruminating about a potential world where “we’ve killed off everything and everyone just to satisfy our need to see death and chaos, “until there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves”. ‘Revellers’ clearly demonstrates Beverly Kills songwriting prowess and explains the buzz developing about them on the always-exciting and innovative Gothenburg indie scene.


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