TRACK OF THE DAY – The Kaleidoscopes -‘Coming Up.’

The Kaleidoscopes are from Birmingham (UK) and they produce the sort blissed out dream pop that will doubtless garner countless My Bloody Valentine comparisons.  Yet it’s an association you feel the band can live with, mixing as they do, bleached out ethereal droning harmonies with explosive incendiary guitar licks.

After releasing a collection of demos it seems The Kaleidoscopes were somewhat surprised that this track ‘Coming Up’ turned out to be the something of a musical lightning rod.  Apparently it’s the one track on their demo EP that spent the least amount of time recording (around 22 minutes – Do you hear that Mr Shields?  – 22 MINUTES!  Not 22 bloody years 😉 )  Anyways it’s a wonderfully laconic melody juxtaposed with searing explosive guitar riffs!


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