Track Of The Day – The Primitives – ‘You Trashed My Christmas’

Today we have another Christmas song, this time it’s the Primitives with ‘You Trashed My Christmas’, a genuine 24 carrot indie pop nugget that takes the bitter sweet Christmas break-up song and injects it with some vim and vigour.  There’s regret yes, but also a sense of angry defiance, a case of the truth opening your eyes and setting you free, after all a broken heart is just for Christmas not for life !  It’s a tune that’s set to be added to our list of perennial ‘must play Yuletide classics’ because it contains everything we require from a Christmas tune.  As a bonus there’s also a seasonal video featuring Tracy Tracy in a rather fetching Christmas outfit, which happily also addresses a couple of long-standing Christmas wishes 😉 and has us believing in Santa all over again!

The track is from the” A Christmas Gift For You From Elephant Records” featuring  some fabulous festive tunes from the likes of  The School, BMX Bandits, The Yearning and loads more.  It’s also available as a limited edition in snow-white vinyl, which you can order HERE

Release Date: **CD Digipak and **Digital Album [10 December]  // ** LP White Colour Vinyl [Numbered Limited Edition of 1000 copies] [20 December] • The vinyl format includes a free digital MP3 download [320 kbps]

TRACKLIST: 01 Why Should Christmas Be So Hard? (Attic Lights) 02 Holding Hands Around The World (Guille Milkyway And The Jelly Jamm Sound Orchestra) 03 Christmas Lights (The Magic Theatre) 04 La Luz Del Mundo (Single) 05 El Viaje Mágico De Santa Claus (Modular) 06 X-mas Song (Edine Avec Lisle Mitnik Et Son Orchestre) 07 I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand (On Christmas Day) (The Yearning)08 Let Me Be The Fairy On Your Christmas Tree Tonight (The School) 09 Los Anillos De Alcyone (21-12-2012) (La Casa Azul) 10 You Trashed My Christmas (The Primitives) 11 Te Espero En Navidad (Axolotes Mexicanos) 12 Bells To Ring And Jingle (YouDoMeToo) 13 Donde Todo Sigue Igual (Band À Part) 14 You’re Coming Home Tonight (The School) 15 Let’s Make Christmas Love (BMX Bandits) 16 Su Šventom Kalėdom (Fitness Forever)

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