Track Of The Day – The Seamonsters – How To be Famous

Sheffield indie-poppers The Seamonsters return with a spikey new single ‘How To Famous?’

And a bit of insider info I was asked to do the cover photoshoot , the remit being that the band wanted a slightly OTT aspirational celebrity early millennial vibe, maybe with a throne (Posh n’ Becks style) in the mix somewhere . Essentially to echo the time that seemed to herald the dawn of people becoming famous for nothing in particular. Social media, of course, has heightened this trend nowadays and ‘How to be Famous’  takes aim at the modern obsession with social media and the damage it causes, the trends, the FOMO, and the dissatisfaction it can breed. Maybe we should all try being anonymous for 15 minutes.

The Seamonsters

It’s a great track which as the band have said takes inspiration not only from fame-seeking, rapacious, yet ultimately empty hobgoblins on social media but also from Plastic Letters era Blondie.

And ‘How To Be Famous’ does hark back to classic new wave pop whilst delivering a modern message, with panache, and it has to be said, some fucking excellent drumming. It’s up there with ‘Lost and Found’ as being one of their best tracks to date but has a more hard-hitting sound which sees the band expanding into new territories both sonically and lyrically.

With songs like ‘Are You With The Band (No We Are The Band) ‘ and a new as yet untitled song which samples Theresa May’s ‘resignation speech’ the band are certainly not going to be boxed in by peoples (dreary) preconceptions and are willing to add their voice to berate the somewhat f**ked up world we inhabit today.

The Seamonsters - Andy Von Pip

The Seamonsters are

Naomi Mann (lead vocals)
Lauren Smith (bass/backing vocals)
Holly Thompson (lead guitar)
Tassie Drobinski (rhythm guitar)
Ciara Hurding (drums)

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