Track Of The Day – The Sun Days – ‘Don’t Need To Be Them’

Those melodic jangly Swedes with the “ungoogleable*” name ( *a hot topic in Sweden last year ) have done it again ! After bagging a ‘track of the day’ feature here back in November with You Can’t Make Me Make Up My Mind’ Gothenberg indie five piece The Sun Days (note the space) are back! Their latest single ‘ Don’t Need To Be Them’ is fantastic sugar-frosted ear kiss of a song. It puts us in mind of sunshine reflecting off rain drops, of dancing (badly) like a lunatic at an all night indie disco and the fact that it invokes such giddy emotions proves that the band are well on the way to achieving their objective of inspiring ‘‘fucked up people to dance all over the world.’

Singer Elsa Holmgren’s sparkling peel of bells vocals sounds so pure, so sonorous that she makes London Grammer’s Hannah Reid sound like an asthmatic Dalek trapped down a mineshaft doing impressions of Vince Cable whilst sipping bleach.  Sweet but never saccharine this is wonderful guitar jangling goodness, from a young band who continue to impress!


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