Track Of The Day – The Sweets – ‘Mr Key’

Zach Romeo and Justin Hrabovsky, two brothers from Winston-Salem, North Carolina formed The Sweets in December 2012.  During 2013 they embarked on a project to release an EP every month whilst the attended college in New York City and Asheville respectively.

To say they are lo-fi may be something of an understatement as this particular track ‘Mr Key’ sounds rather like a jam session featuring The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and The Stooges trapped in a basement.  It’s ramshackle; it’s laconic, which is perhaps part of its easy charm, but crucially The Sweets actually sound like they are having laid back fun producing the music they love. This is in marked contrast to the chart bothering over produced, big budget pop performed by rapacious fame hungry identikit voids.

‘Mr Key’ is from their first vinyl Ep and is released on 7″ via Bleeding Gold records pressed on blue-glow-in-the-dark vinyl, which is available from March 24th. It features an eclectic mix of the bands most popular tunes.  For example, other songs on the EP include a laid back surf vibe alongside 60’s infused garage pop whilst opening track ‘Coffee in the Morning’ sounds like the stoner Everley Brothers upon discovering Weezer’s Hash Pipe.

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 The Sweets EP

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