Track Of The Day – The Vestals – Perfect Pain.

No over the top press release, no pretentious long winded 6th form “manifesto,” no  artfully styled moody photos, just an email saying “new stuff at: thanks” and so we clicked and we found this video and we f**king loved it ! Because when your music’s this  darn good you don’t need stylists and wankery, it truly speaks for itself.  There’s a touch of Peter Perrett about the vocal, a hint of Husker Du fused with the frenetic guitars of The Wedding Present , indeed “Perfect Pain” is what the young folk would call a “TUUUNE.” 

Suitably impressed we responded to their email and eventually  managed to elicit the following  info “we are the Vestals from south Wales. We play melancholic indie pop music. We believe in a time when we know everything about everyone a little mystery can be a good thing.”

If “Perfect Pain” is indicative of what The Vestals have in their locker then we really could be looking at and listening to, a band who are on the cusp of something very special indeed.  Guitar music may just have found it’s new heroes

You can get “Perfect Pain” free HERE



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