THICK – ” Love You Forever”


Brooklyn DIY trio THICK  return with their first new music since their critically acclaimed debut album ‘5 Years Behind’ ( you can read my review for Under The Radar HERE )

Love You Forever‘ is a fast-paced, joyous slice of garage pop-punk, aside from the end when it gets a bit Annie Wilkes with the slowed-down vocals declaring rather menacingly“and I love you forever and ever and everrrrr.”   The band describes the track as the “first honest love song,” and it was originally written as a gift for a friend’s wedding. “It’s about unconditional love and getting through the hard times — knowing that love transcends all of life’s chapters,” adds THICK. “The song is meant to encapsulate the idea of loving your partners, your friends, and most of all loving yourself.“

 Alongside the track, the band releases a music video directed by Aimee Kuge. Inspired by 70s era zombie films, Aimee reinterpreted the theme of the song and channelled it into the idea of self-love and revival. “Instead of focusing on romantic love, we decided to go on a quest for self-love in this music video showing how transformative it can be.” 

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