Touts – “Shane McGowan’s New Teeth”

I remember catching Derry’s Touts, live back in 2017 at a “showcase” all-dayer. Their youthful exuberance and general air of  “not giving a fuckness” was a blast of fresh air amidst a cornucopia of careerist plod-rawk on display at that festival. They definitely had something about them.  Then the following year, they seemed to disappear.

They return with a new track “Shane McGowan’s New Teeth”  and although it hasn’t seen them mellow in terms of their caustic wit or energy it sees them more laser-focused when selecting their targets. 

TOUTS’ Matthew Crossan says: “Shane McGowan’s New Teeth is “a simple desultory philippic” against the overlooked absurdity of our modern lives and the seeming inescapable throwaway culture that many of us celebrate.”

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