Track Of The Day – Wax Idols – ‘Sound of a Void’

Wax Idols are a band we’ve flirted with over the last few years but with the release of their second album,’Discipline and Desire’ we feel the time has come to fully consummate our relationship.  Like UK’s Savages you’ll hear echoes (and maybe even Bunnymen) of a variety influences from the past but Wax Idol’s forge them into something uniquely their own.

Singer and driving force Heather Fortune’s vision is singular, sometimes disturbing, emotionally raw but never anything less than utterly real and totally engaging.  It’s a fuck load of attitude, heart and soul replete with thrillingly visceral tunes and is wholly deserving of your attention.

As such we are very much of the view that today’s track of the day will give newcomers to their oeuvre an exciting taste of what Wax Idols are all about.  We advise further investigation forthwith.

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