Track Of The Day – Weekend – ‘Obliette’

An ‘oubliette’ is a rather special kind of dungeon, one that normally has a single means of entrance and exit through a trap door in the ceiling – a dark ‘forgotten room’ hidden from view.  It’s also an outstanding track from San Francisco trio (now relocated to NYC)  Weekend’s second album ‘Jinx’. There’s a dark pulsating sense of doomed grandeur throughout the duration of this tune, whilst lyrically it remains somewhat oblique, it wouldn’t take Benedict Cumberbatch to deduce that quite possibly the title referrers to some form of emotional prison or buried forgotten feelings.  ‘Jinx’ is certainly an album worth checking out if you like your music loud,melodic and somewhat melancholy. We do, because relentlessly upbeat music specifically designed to induce a sense of a vapid lobotomised happiness depresses the fuck out of us.

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