You Are Number Six is the solo project of Montpellier born multi-instrumentalist Theo Lefebvr. There’s certainly a distinct 80’s alt-pop vibe to his output thus far,  and on this occasion there’s also the vague air of Edwyn Collins jamming with M83 as Public Service Broadcasting throw caution to the wind and decide to join in the fun!

Theo himself is as all about sixes, he take his name from sixties TV show The Prisoner, whose protagonist was known simply as number six, Theo was born on 6/06 ..  and his tunes figuratively make you feel six feet tall (if you’re under 6ft obviously) and one simply cannot underestimate his excitement if he were ever to play Portmeirion’s wonderful Festival No.6 at a future date!  His latest track Lens Flares has a running time of 4.44… and here’s where it gets spooky – if you added all the fours together you would have the number twelve, which when halved is, quite incredibly   …. yes you guessed it NUMBER SIX.  Uncanny eh? *cue Twilight Zone music’*

This is dark yet wonderfully catchy, hypnotic electronic pop, and Lens Flares is the title track from his forthcoming second EP, a track, which Theo tells us, is thankfully not about somebody called Len’s trouser related fashion faux pas but instead all about lights, synths and movies; it is probably the most personal song on the EP.”  The ‘Lens Flare’ Ep will be available on June 26, released by Emerald & Doreen in collaboration with Slynt Records for the CD Edition.

Theo also plans to “do something special for this release” and tells us “people will be able to generate their own cover-art on our website so that every copy will be “unique.”  In the meantime, here’s another excellent tune from said EP entitled ‘Palimpsest’


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