Tracks Of The Day – CANDY DARLING – ‘Going Straight’ and ‘Waves’

Last year we featured Bristol trio Candy Darling‘s debut single  ‘Money’ describing it as ‘a curb crawling sleazy slice of proto punk noir.’  Their follow up tune ‘Going Straight’ sees them in a rather more reflective mood, with singer Emily Breeze channelling the spirit of Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Alison Mossheart, and Chrissie Hynde with some aplomb.  It’s a majestic soaring pop song, replete with Spector-esque drumbeats, subtle synths and impressive reverbing guitars.

It’s scheduled for release on 24th May and is backed by the equally impressive ‘Waves’ (which is far too good to be labelled a ‘B Side’) and is a tune that highlights the bands predilection for driving menacing guitars and a vocal that’s all sex, leather and swagger, delivered with more than a hint of the assertive imperiousness of Siouxsie.  The overall impression you’re left with is that of a band who you just know will be fantastic live, and who prove that guitars will always be sexier than MacBook Pros 😉

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  1. “and who prove that guitars will always be sexier than MacBook Pros”


    Reminds me of Xmal, no bad thing.


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