Track(s) Of The Day – Empathy Test – ‘Losing Touch’ and ‘Kirrilee’

We’ve been featuring a lot of guitar music of late, not as a childish reaction to articles predicting the demise of the traditional guitar band but rather because we believe its fabulous music.  This really should be the only criteria.  We’ve aren’t a genre specific blog although like many music heads we do have our favourite styles.  We also have a lot of time for electro pop, which leads us on to today’s Tracks of the Day from a new electropop duo who go under the name Empathy Test.  Not only is this an excellent name, inspired by the Voight-Kampff test in the future-noir dystopian sci-fi classic ‘Blade Runner’, but the music is pretty darn fine too.  (Can you imagine George Osborne taking an empathy test? 100% replicant surely!)  This is dark, brooding cinematic electro pop, think Fiction Factory meets Purity Ring with a dash of Depeche Mode thrown in for good measure, it may take inspiration from the past, but is very much looking to the future.

Empathy Test are singer / songwriter Isaac Howlett and digital composer Adam Relf, and this particular musical collaboration came about after taking inspiration from the 80s-tinged electro soundtrack composed by Cliff Martinez for the movie ‘Drive’

There are two rather wonderful examples at the top page of Empathy Test’s haunting evocative electro pop at its finest from their début EP which is out now.

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