Tracks Of The Day – Jack Robert Hardman and Sylver Tongue

We got two “Tracks Of the Day” today , as there is much musical goodness about at the moment, and we’re nice like that …

Jack Robert Hardman- Lights Of London

Jack Robert Hardman releases his second single “Lights of London.” A pulsing electronic number, that paints a romantic view of our capital as seen from the outside. Imagine Jack, if you will, as some sort of musical Dick Whittington arriving in the great city to be bathed in the twinkling neon gold of the aforementioned lights of London.  Comparisons to the Postal Service are well deserved ( now would seem an appropriate time to make  a woeful pun about “Such Great Lights”   but we will stoically resist  😉 ) and the promo video is an evocative little potted history of our illustrious capital city.



Sylver Tongue – Creatures.

Sylver Tongue - Creatures VPME.COM

Sylver Tongue , the new project from Charlotte Hatherley, was unveiled a few months ago with  the free download, ‘Hook You Up’, which was also our Track Of The Day .  Her debut single ‘proper’ comes out in the form of  ‘Creatures’ which will be released on May 21st. It’s like an electronic take on Kate Bush circa “The Dreaming” with one of those sly Mick Karn style bass lines, it’s a sexy, throbbing electro seduction that is so completely different from her “post- Ash” solo works that sometimes it’s hard to believe it comes from the same artist. And that takes some talent!  A surprising but much welcome reinvention from Ms H



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