Tracks of the Day – Kid Wave – Gloom EP

Well this is a bit good, isn’t it ? It’s tempting to fall in line and call Kid Wave’s sound, ‘indie slacker,’ yes the EP cover shows ripped jeans and the band have long hair like they just don’t care but there’s really nothing half arsed about their fabulous Gloom Ep. Every track is marinated in gloriously buoyant melody and, despite the EP’s title, there isn’t anything remotely gloomy about Kid Wave’s sound.

If you want misguided comparisons (because for modern day music scribes it’s compulsory) there’s is a hint of grunged up Pavement meets New Order (no honestly!) on certain tracks, but really, this is an outstanding EP on it’s own terms. If you’re looking for ramshackle stoner ennui than look elsewhere because despite their casual demeanour and occasional shoulder shrugging lyrical bent Kid Wave are as uplifting as recent guitar music gets.  Their debut album is currently being recorded and is set for release next year, and so without further ado here’s are not one , not two but three tracks from said EP which can be obtained HERE.

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