Video Of The Week – The Anchoress – ‘One For Sorrow’

Some music videos really do enhance the song, acting almost as the final piece in the jigsaw where suddenly everything makes perfect sense. And The Anchoress’ lead track from her wonderful ‘One For Sorrow’ EP does exactly that.

Societal conditioning, embracing the patriarchy, getting hitched as the only route to fulfilment and stability (financial, if not emotional) are themes flashed up alongside imagery of domestic bliss from 1950’s propaganda  ‘educational’ films as Anchoress Catherine Anne Davies wears a variety of vintage wedding dresses with some style whilst conjuring up the ghost of Miss Haversham before it all went terribly wrong. A feminist pop song then, which delivers its message with a subtle eloquence whilst sounding vibrant and fresh, unlike the aforementioned Miss Haverhsam’s wedding cake.


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