The Seamonsters – How To Be Famous

Well, I may not be posting here regularly any more  ( although you can still follow my other work HERE – )  but here’s the video I shot with the Seamonsters for their latest single ‘How To Be Famous’  – and which premiered on  God Is In the TV last week.

As I mentioned in my previous post when the single was released  “the track takes inspiration not only from fame-seeking, rapacious, yet ultimately empty hobgoblins on social media, the haters and the aspirational climbers but also from Plastic Letters era Blondie. And ‘How To Be Famous’ does hark back to classic new wave pop whilst delivering a modern message, with panache, and it has to be said, some fucking excellent drumming. It’s up there with ‘Lost and Found’ as being one of their best tracks to date but has a more hard-hitting sound which sees the band expanding into new territories both sonically and lyrically. “

And as the band say – ‘How To Be Famous’ tackles the modern obsession with social media and the damage it causes, delving into everything from harmful trends to cancel culture.”

Hopefully, we captured some of that vibe in the video. It was shot in Liverpool, with the Seamonsters travelling down from Sheffield despite the band having car trouble. I’m sure that episode will feature in one of their behind the scenes videos at a later date 🙂

the Seamonsters By Andy Von pip

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