WATCH : Lyla Foy: My Addiction

The hugely talented Lyla Foy returns with a beautiful new single titled ‘My Addiction’ and a video from her upcoming fourth album, ‘Year of the Black Water Rabbit.’

Guided by a beautiful lilting melody, Lyla’s mellifluous and emotive voice floats effortlessly over the instrumentation, creating a heartfelt and profoundly beautiful track. ‘My Addiction’ showcases Lyla’s songwriting prowess and offers a poignant reflection on self-acceptance, encouraging listeners to let go of what no longer serves them while cherishing what truly matters. The video also features a rather magnificent hat and fairy lights, 🎅 What’s not to like?

The album itself promises to be a deeply moving experience,  born out of a tumultuous period in Lyla’s life, following the heartbreaking loss of her father. This experience deeply informed the music, resulting in a raw and emotional exploration of the conflicting feelings that come with grief. Lyla explains, “I’ve been documenting the change in me and those around me after losing my father. Watching his body fade while his spirit stayed strong both moved and traumatized me. When I went to write about all of it, which I was grateful to be able to do, lots of unexpected songs happened.”

‘Year of the Black Water Rabbit’ is set to release on May 5th, 2023, just two years after ‘Fornever’ and following a steady stream of releases after ‘Mirrors the Sky‘ in 2014 (Sub Pop), which drew a cult following after ‘Impossible’ featured on the Netflix series Bojack Horseman. After extensive touring and supporting releases ‘Umi’ and ‘Bigger Brighter’, this new album reflects the last decade of making music.

Manchester – The Rose & Monkey 26 July

London – Green Note 27 July




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