Video Of The Week – Black Honey – ‘Hello Today’

Honey have finally released their debut video to accompany the recently unleashed tune ‘Hello Today.’ Rather than arse about with series of DIY videos in the past (which, with an anguished cry of “what the f**k were we thinking?,” would have doubtless been deleted after six months ) the band, who initially preferred to remain anonymous have bided their time and gone for something rather more enduring and sophisticated opting for the sort of widescreen cinematic vibe that their music deserves. It’s directed by the massively talented photographer and filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen, whose work we secretly worship and features lead singer Izzy seemingly being stalked by visions of a heart. Now as well as being the symbol for love, the heart motif can also embody heartbreak, deception, lies and despair (or lunch if you’re Eric Pickles) and this is not the cutesy fluffy floaty hearts of Valentine cards, Disney Princesses  and emoticons, this is a fetid rotting human heart …  And it raises a number of questions … for example, is this heart real ? Is Izzy hallucinating in the wake of a huge ‘Haribo’ binge, or worse still , has she gone all ‘Thérèse Raquin’ whereby  the heart symbolises the internal guilt at previously undivulged dark deeds? ( actually, this  could lead on to a trilogy of videos 😉 )  . Or is she merely the recipient of a spectacularly efficient on-line butcher ‘ Online Offal – No need to despair – we deliver anywhere’  
Anyway, it seems a trifle daft to describe the video scene by scene as some bloggers are wont to do, after all, you can simply click play and see for yourself .  But for what it’s worth we are getting Bates Motel meets ‘Twin Peaks’ vibes as reimagined by John Waters, with a dash of ‘Eraserhead’, ‘Kill Bill,’ ‘Memento’ and even James Mangold’s much underrated ‘Identity’    But that’s just us … enjoy !

black-honey- Charlotte Patmore

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