VIDEO OF THE WEEK – JACK ROBERT HARDMAN – ‘Nuclear Family’ – Première

Singer songwriter Jack Robert Hardman’s first release of 2015 is built around a dark compelling narrative that challenges the notion of the ‘perfect’ ‘Nuclear Family’ revealing that beneath the surface it may not quite be the idyllic unit it initially appears.   The song was written in collaboration with Hamish Steele an animator from London and is based on premise that sometimes underneath the seemingly happy veneer of success and domestic perfection lies a much darker, more complex and troubling reality.  In fact, behind closed doors such families can actually be the most dysfunctional and emotionally bereft.

The video, featuring a monochrome version of a certain famous yellow hued family is premiered below and perfectly mirrors the dark atmosphere conveyed by the song.  It manages to communicate a kind of quiet desperation, an innate feeling of sadness and very modern sense of emptiness. However there does appears to be a flicker of hope, of hanging on in there … It finishes with the devastating line “Welcome to my home/ you might think I live the dream/ but I’m so alone/separated from the ones I love”

Watch it below and then download the song via soundcloud


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