Video Of The Week The Courtesans – ‘The Power Of Love’

We are almost at the cut off point now, whereby we refuse to listen to any music that doesn’t have a vague seasonal theme.  And so to slowly ease you into the festive season here’s a new video from The Courtesans’™ featuring their seductive slow burning doom pop take on Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s perennial classic ‘The Power Of Love’ … It features the girls dispensing Xmas love and hugs spliced with footage from their recent live gig at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester. We were in attendance -( see  photo slide show below) and it must be said their live sound is hugely impressive. Their front woman Sinead is as a compelling presence on stage as you’re likely to see and it’s also nice to see a band who manage to dress up to dress down, and make an actual effort to make the visual aesthetic special . As well as proving themselves  musically,there was  a real sense of ‘the performance’.  Anyway watch the video and go hug your loved one, your mum, your dad, your granny, your pet and get ready to polish your big shiny Xmas baubles …..

Photo slide show The Courtesans Live at The Ruby Lounge


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  1. ~♬ It's About "POWER OF LOVE~♬ It's About "POWER OF FUxxIN' COOL LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE~♬ We Really Miss you so much…;) xx <3


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