Video : The Anchoress – ‘Doesn’t Kill You’

Ahead of her appearance at Liverpool Sound City this weekend, (Sunday – Atlantic Stage – 13:00 -13:30 ) The Anchoress unveils her latest video for her forthcoming new single  ‘Doesn’t Kill You.‘ It’s taken from her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Confessions of A Romance Novelist’ and sees The Anchoress “doing a ‘Tilda‘ in a video that she describes as depicting a “metaphorical battle between the super-ego and the id.” It also features Dave Gilmour’s son Charlie and reveals just what the young scamp gets up to when he’s not sending Daily Mail readers into puce face apoplexy (well-done! 😉 )   Let’s just hope and pray the Friends of The National Trust don’t get onto this video and accuse him of disrespecting the nation’s trees.

Next week we’ve an interview with The Anchoress in which we discuss class, Travel Lodges, the glamour of touring, time travel, the new album she’s working on with Bernard Butler, plus co-writing with Paul Draper, sexism and what can be learnt from Bowie and Prince – Here’s a snippet

“I didn’t want to co-write initially because I didn’t want people to think I couldn’t do it all on my own but  you can learn a lot from the likes of Prince and Bowie. They were very good at knowing when to bring in other people. Just because Bowie could play everything doesn’t mean he did play everything on his recordings, he would bring in the best players. And he didn’t stop and think for one second “oh you know David , maybe you shouldn’t do that because people might think you’re just a singer. That to me highlights the crux of what sexism is in the music industry because a female artist doing that is viewed very differently “

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