Daneshevskaya: Big Bird

Daneshevskaya (pronounced Dawn-eh-shev-sky-uh) has announced her debut album Long Is The Tunnel, which arrives on  out 10th November, and is preceded by the lead single and video, “Big Bird.”

It’s a blissful slice of dream pop with flourishes of shoegaze guitars and hypnotic melodies and yet despite the title, it isn’t a tribute to the enormous yellow overthinking avian who used to haunt Sesame Street. 

Daneshevskaya is the project of Anna Beckerman — a Brooklyn-based preschool social worker by day — who writes songs steeped in the folklore of her own personal history. Written over a period of years beginning in 2017, each song on Long Is The Tunnel each sound like a world within itself, pairing twisted-up classical structures with distinctive metaphors that are both otherworldly and grounding. Co-produced by Ruben Radlauer of Model/Actriz, Hayden Ticehurst, and Artur Szerejko, Long Is The Tunnel also features contributions from Lewis Evans of Black Country, New Road, whom Beckerman is currently supporting on tour North American tour, including shows this week in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“I wrote ‘Big Bird’ on GarageBand on my phone,” Beckerman says. “It automatically loops when you use it on your phone so the song ended up being a loop. When I showed the demo to Artur, Ruben, and Hayden, I said we could turn it into a full song but they were into the loop. The lyrics are about when a big bird swoops down and everyone in the area stops to look at it together. I like moments like that where everyone is childlike and curious.”

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