Introducing – The Music Robot.

“Music Robot” launches today and is a rather exciting development, aimed at supporting the UK music blog scene and of course the musicians that are so enthusiastically blogged about! We are delighted to be part of this collective and we think it will quickly establish itself as a major player in the on-line discovery of new music – which is essentially what music blogging is all about.

The best way to experience the site is to initially treat it like a sexual encounter, have a fiddle about, click a few buttons, see what turns you on …and off…..And if like what you find you’ll hopefully return. It might be just a weekly date at first, but then you realise you’re returning with greater urgency, desperate for more, you find you must quench this insatiable thirst, this primal hunger, this all-consuming desire….for new music …And soon you are ready to make an even bigger commitment,  yes you’re soon seeing Music Robot on a daily basis ( Ahem-  50 Shades Of Grey anyone 😉 ? )

You can check it out here, and find the chart here.

For more information here’s the official Music Robot statement.

“We have collected together a wide range of awesome music bloggers from around the UK, as it is the content on their individual websites that appears on our front page, ready for the public to vote on.  We are all about putting the music blogs at the heart of Music Robot, so to the right you will be able to read about each blog that’s involved.  Each one of them has been hand-picked for involvement not only because they’re awesome, but because they are each recognized as established commentators on emerging music.”

THE BLOGS : A New Band A Day, Abeano, Breaking More Waves, Crack In The Road, Cougar Microbes, Dots & Dashes, Gold Flake Paint, Killing Moon, Lost Lost LostMusic Fans MicMy Band’s Better Than Your Band, Not Many Experts, Real Horrorshow, Song By Toad, The Blue Walrus, The Pigeon Post, The Recommender, The Von Pip Musical Express.


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