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LIVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of PSYCHEDELIA 2015 are thrilled to announce the final swathe of artists, installations, projects and happenings for their two-day head music happening, held over 25 + 26th September 2015 within the warehouses and recesses of Camp and Furnace, Blade Factory and District, in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

Today their bumper announcement includes, an enthralling ‘Musings in Drone’ programme featuring conversations with Anton Newcombe, Rob Chapman, John Doran and Sacred Bones, a DJ bill that includes Psychemagik, Al Lover, Finders Keepers and Clinic, and Hocus Focus an off the wall celebration of ten years of Finders Keepers Records. 

Visual delights include an exclusive new audio visual and virtual reality installation ‘PZYK PRYZM’, the festival’s own PZYK cinema The Chrome Sugar Shack in partnership with METAL, alongside the ever popular PZYK Skreen Studio and Piccadilly Records ‘Word Of Psychedelia Wax Wonders’.

All this comes amongst the most complete bill of contemporary psych music anywhere in 2015.

For the first time today, single day tickets are on sale {HYPERLINK}. For the full line-up and daily breakdown appears at the foot of this release.


Texan neo-psych experimentalist SUN ARAW joins a bill of artists spanning the international PZYK cosmos, headed up by iconic British space-psych pioneers SPIRITUALIZED. Within the festival bill FACTORY FLOOR / THE HEADS / HOOKWORMS are also joined by JACCO GARDNER / JANE WEAVER / K-X-P / KAREN GWYER / DENGUE FEVER / CARLTON MELTON / INDIAN JEWELRY / LUMERIANS and BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB, plus a kaleidoscopic swarm of worldly noise-makers. 



PZYK PRYZM is a major new AV+VR environment presented at this year’s festival. 

The installation features THORIUM-232: a virtual reality module featuring a brand new piece of music from ANTON NEWCOMBE (with additional strings from Michael Saup). The immersive visual realm, animations and virtual environment – which embrace cutting-edge Oculus Rift technology – are a collaboration between Anton Newcombe and artists Li Alin, Michael Saup and Stanislav Glazov. 

THORIUM-232 is produced and presented by RML-CINECHAMBER, which was founded in 1991 to research the artistic potential of spatial media: panoramic installations, surround cinema, multichannel AV performances and interactive exploration. RML acts as producer and presenter of artworks in its immersive theatre project called the CINECHAMBER, working with organisations such as MUKET, CTM and CYNETART. THORIUM-232 is a new realm within their work, presented and produced in collaboration with Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

PZYK PRYZM’s large-scale AV environment will also, in addition to hosting THORIUM-232, present a unique selection of performances and environments.  As well as playing live at the festival, SUN ARAW will be presenting a new AV re-imagining of his latest project Gazebo Effect, and POLINSKI (alter-ego of 65daysofstatic programmer, Paul Wolinski) will perform a live working of his latest project MidiFlood within PZYK PRYZM.

EX-EASTER ISLAND HEAD and XAM will also present live works within the PZYK PRYZM alongside a dynamic, throbbing static PZYK state, which will be in-situ throughout the weekend. As part of Finders Keepers Records HOCUS FOCUS curation, MAGPAHI RE-SCORES THE MOOMINS will also be presented within the PZYK PRYZM

PZYK PRYZM is produced with support from Arts Council England. 



Organizers are also thrilled to announce Brian Jonestown Massacre trailblazer ANTON NEWCOMBE’s activity as the festival’s first Artist In Residence. Anton will be embedded within the festival for the duration of the weekend and presenting the following:

+ Creation of a new piece of music and artwork for THORIUM-232, presented as part of PZYK PRYZM at this year’s festival. Further details above. 

+ TESS PARKS + ANTON NEWCOMBE will perform live on Friday 25th September, in support of their stunning collaborative LP I Declare Nothing.  

+ B-MUSIC: FINDERS KEEPERS x ANTON NEWCOMBE DJ SET. Anton Newcombe once told The Quietus that “The only person I chicken out of DJing with is Andy Votel”. Since then Finders Keepers have exorcized this demon and Anton is now a solid fixture at Finders Keepers DJ parties in Berlin and beyond. FK founders Andy Votel and Doug Shipton join forces again with Anton for a good ol’ fashioned B-Music party, playing straight-up heavy psych from around the world and a healthy dollop of cosmic slop from the 10-year-old Finders Keepers catalogue (spanning 40 years of unapologetic foreign fuzz).

  + MUSINGS IN DRONE: ANTON NEWCOMBE IN CONVERSATION WITH DROWNED IN SOUND’s DOM GOURLAY. As part of the festival’s Musings In Drone conversations programme, Anton Newcombe will spend time discussing, well, whatever takes his fancy we imagine! Ever the orator and quick-witted observer, Anton’s interests and perspectives span way beyond the sphere of rock n roll. His idiosyncratic take on the world is forthright, informed, impassioned and often incredibly funny. Not to be missed.  

+ a recordings curation. Anton Newcombe founded a recordings in 2008 and the label has gone on to release records by a swathe of new artists, working from Anton’s Berlin studio, as well as Anton’s own BJM cuts. This year’s festival features a handpicked selection of artists from the label, including MAGIC CASTLES, WEIRD OWL, THE ALTERED HOURS and Anton’s own collaboration with TESS PARKS. 



Liverpool Psych Fest are also PZYKed to announce the headline names from this year’s selection of disc-spinners. Remixers du-jour and all round thoroughly fabulous collectors, curators and innovators PSYCHEMAGIK are joined by neo-psych reverb wizard 


Andy Votel will once again be bringing his ANATOLIAN DYNAMITE Turkish psych slew to Liverpool Psych Fest.

As described above, FINDERS KEEPERS RECORDS and ANTON NEWCOMBE will be trading late night audio bombs, along with DJ sets from Liverpool’s own odd-ball-noisemakers CLINIC and outings from SACRED BONES vs BYM, DROWNED IN SOUND, ROCKET RECORDINGS, CARDINAL FUZZ, FIRE RECORDS and SONIC CATHEDRAL. There will also be a host of special guests across the weekend.  



Finders Keepers Records have been at the cutting edge of accidental world music for a decade. Their selections remain unparalleled, in their oddness and down-right whacked-out wonderfulness. The label present HOCUS FOCUS at this year’s festival, to celebrate this decade of sonic-decadence…. 

+ Jane Weaver re-scores Belladonna Of Sadness (Eiichi Yamamoto – Japan 1973)

When uninitiated fans of freak film and art-house animation first viddy this lost slice of 1970s Japanese animation the opinions are pretty much unanimous… “Belladonna Of Sadness is the most psychedelic cartoon I have ever seen”. This hefty claim is not unjustified. The fact that this mutant creation combined both Pinky cinema (Japanese soft porn) and the early throes of Anime while adding a heavy dose of French witchcraft folklore and a soundtrack by the grandfather of Japrock psych, it’s plain to see how this cultural melting pot could slowly resemble a cauldron containing some of the most hallucinogenic visual potions to grace our screens. This isn’t just psychsploitation however, Belladonna is the real deal with enough love-knots, tannis root and triple-x-hexes to sink a ship, or indeed a Giallo submarine.

Adding an extra esper to this converged consciousness, Finders Keepers summon Silver Globe composer Jane Weaver to add her own ingredient to the pot with a live re-score which she has been bubbling in Californian picture houses and niche film festivals for the past four years. Edited by Andy Rushton (Neotantrik / Kleksploitation) this special event celebrates the long anticipated re-issue of the original Belladonna soundtrack by Sato Masahiko which was finally liberated by Finders Keepers records this year.

+ Magpahi re-scores The Moomins (Lucjan Dembinski – Poland / UK 1979/1982)

In light of Finders Keepers’ Record Store Day 2015 triumph, the original soundtrack to the Finish/Polish/German Moomintroll saga that set UK TVs alight in 1983 has now been liberated from the original master tapes and set for a full LP release later this year. Re-scored and performed live in accordance with the original master tapes, Alison Cooper aka Magpahi brings thumb pianos, nose flutes and waspy synthesisers to re-score an entire chapter of what could be described as “the most psychedelic piece of children’s folklore ever committed to fuzzy felt”. These eerie/cheery five minute episodes stopped children of the 1980s switching bedroom lights off for over two years, and Magpahi’s faithful rendition of the original score offers very little in way of apology.

+ Andy Votel presents Kleksploitation (Gradowski / Korzynski / Votel / Rushton – Poland / UK -1984/2001)

Initially commissioned by the Polish arts and music institution “Unsound”, Andy Votel’s KLEKSPLOITATION project takes the electronic music and psychedelic visuals from one of the most cosmic children TV programmes to ever grace the screens of communist era Eastern Europe… and drags it through a magnetic hedge backwards!  Originally intended as an everyday Finders Keepers music editing job Andy took the proto-acid / freak-funk kids TV music of Polish film composer Andrzej Korzynski (Possession / The Devil) and ending up creating an album’s worth of new reconstituted lost synth-pop-psych material. For the live Kleksploitation performance Votel has collaborated with workaholic film-maker Andy Rushton (Neotantrik) to take a zillion clips of the same original 80s “Pan Kleks” trilogy which has been compared to “A Polish Grange Hill meets The Banana Splits in Dr. Funkenstein’s laboratory via 200 Motels”. KLEKSPLOITATION has since been performed in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Athens amongst other places with little need for extra hallucinogens nor subtitles.

+ Graham Massey’s Toolshed

The music of Graham Massey’s mutating TOOLSHED powerhouse of prog-operatics, lost-synth-liberation and homemade instruments reveals the true multi-faceted backbone of his wider-known classic electronic projects such as 808 State and Biting Tongues. But within this partly improvised, fully inspired congregation of DIY funk, angular jazz and heavy psychedelic rock fans of krautrock and the arkestral manoeuvres of Sun-Ra will draw similarities that have provided the new-psych movement with bands like Goat, Fumaça Preta, Tame Impala and many more. Known to share stages with formations ranging from to forty to four, Toolshed re-tracks its roots to their first mid-90s live/electronic events where Massey brought plugged-in punk-funk to the masses with a mutable quartet and a toolbox of foreign adaptors and soldering irons. Over the past fifteen years Toolshed have performed at countless Finders Keepers multi-media events, such as Portuguese film festivals, gallery anniversaries and giant philharmonic concert halls.



Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia are pleased to confirm the return of MUSINGS IN DRONE, the event’s very own tripped-out chat-show, which seeks to dig out the stories, tales and experiences of the artists, labels and heads within today’s neo-psych scene. This year the programme will be hosted by Liverpool audio oracle BERNIE CONNOR, presenter of the immaculate Sound Of Music podcast, and will include…


+ THE WIRE’s Deputy Editor DEREK WALMSLEY will be seeking to lift the lid on Taylor and Caleb from SACRED BONES RECORDS.

+ JOHN DORAN will the talking with THE QUIETUS’ JULIAN MARSZALEK about his recent literary offering Jolly Lad, as well as leading a group hypnotism ritual.

+ Author ROB CHAPMAN will be discussing his new expansive genre-charting book Psychedelia And Other Colours (published by FaberFaber this September) with BRYAN BIGGS, Artistic Director at The Bluecoat. 


PYZK Cinema presents

Chrome Sugar Shack

Curated by Metal


Chrome Sugar Shack is a showcase of the finest examples of experimental moving image from some of the fore-bearers and frontrunners of the psych aesthetic. A retrospective that will include a host of visual and sonic treats, this curated film programme is an extension of Metal’s established film events at Edge Hill Station that have been running for the past eight years, and is reflective of their commitment to supporting new and innovative art.

Metal was founded in London in 2002 by Jude Kelly OBE. It has been active in Liverpool since 2004, in Southend-on-Sea since 2007 and in Peterborough since 2012. From these bases, Metal works to provide the catalyst that can transform the potential of people and places, exploring the impact of art and artists’ practices on civic and civil society.  Metal produces an exciting multidisciplinary programme of international and UK artists in residence and runs a wide range of music and film events, exhibitions and participatory projects.



After the great success of 2014’s PZYK SKREEN STUDIO – where festival attendees physically created their own individual screenprints for keeps – the project returns, once again overseen and curated by Liverpool screenprint artist Johanna Wilson (That Girl). Taking designs and elements from her own practice, as well as iconography and design from this year’s PZYK world, Johanna helps festival goers create their own unique take on the neo-psych aesthetic. 

This year the festival’s screenprint offering is expanded further, with HUMAN SOUP – an installation from artist Emily Briselden-Waters (Inprint) and Melt Trip (Luke Bell + Sam Batley). The piece explores a parallel world of consciousness through print, light, sound effects and whacked-out digestion.

According to the artists, “A soup is a mixture of components that are combined together to create something new – this is the idea behind the project. This surreal installation is set to transport festival goers into a place where hierarchy of the world is skewed, humans are lumps of meat and part of the ingredients of this artwork.”

Emily co-founded Inprint and is particularly interested in how people interact with space and how this space can be designed to give the participant an original and immersive experience. Emily is about to embark on her MA at The Royal College of Art. 

Melt Trip grounds you in the present whilst giving you a sense of the past. They stand for escapism, surrealism, the search for paradise. A visual legacy which is sentimental to the soul, selfless humble interactions between the optical and the sonic. A divine quest for the output of the arts, to create culture perpetuating a lifestyle of embracing the moment.


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