The Good Natured And Vince Clarke Colloboration/ Mix Tape

VPME Favourites The Good Natured have teamed up with legendary Depeche Mode/ Yazoo/Erasure man Vince Clarke to collaborate on a new track “Ghost Train” which you can download above and  hear on the mixtape  they’ve put together below!

Given The Good Natured’s dark electro pop it’s no surprise they are a huge fans of Depeche Mode and “Ghost Train” is a satisfyingly  sexy, dark and sinister result of this meeting of musical minds !


2 thoughts on “The Good Natured And Vince Clarke Colloboration/ Mix Tape”

  1. Finally getting a chance to check this out.

    And I’m glad I did.

    Yet another wonderful vocal performance and track from The Good Natured’s Sarah. I have to comment Mr. Von Pip here for keeping me aware of what this wonderful artist is up to!


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