Three Bands, One Night – PINS, Bird And Wet Mouth

Forget the Stone Roses reunion, forget the fact that the Cure are to play a three hour set at the Reading Festival. Why? Well our prospective gig of the year is a little closer to home, in a slightly more intimate and salubrious setting than a rain sodden field.

On 10th October Evol and The Shipping Forcast in Liverpool  play host to not one, not two, but THREE bands we have been waxing lyrical about about for a large part of 2012 on the SAME BILL!

Manchester’s PINS make a welcome return to Liverpool after their stellar set at this years FestEvol. If you haven’t caught their fusion of visceral VU garage rock meets Siouxsie by way of The Cure sprinkled with a melodic Spectoresque shimmer then we’d suggest you remedy that particular forthwith.

And, there’s more !!!

Bird Adele

Furthermore we can exclusively reveal that also on the bill are VPME faves Bird, purveyors of all things magical, mysterious and sinister PLUS Wet Mouth, a band bursting with fabulous indie infused grunge  complete a remarkable trinity of musical goodness.

Wet Mouth


If that’s not enough to drag you away from Strictly Come X Factor Street than I suggest a relative call the undertaker forthwith as we fear you may already be dead.

Tickets can be purchased from ticket web

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