Wake Me When It’s Over – The Story Of Sanctuary, Mission and The Luna Lounge.

The great thing about the internet is you often get to chat to people who share your passion for music and who love the bands who provided part of the soundtrack to your own life. Of course there are some proper knobheads too, but hey ho,  let’s dwell on the good people.

When Rob Sacher, co-owner of the legendary Luna Lounge in NYC got in touch us with regard to his book “Wake Me When Its Over” it read like a who’s who of our favourite artists. From  The Ramones, The Mary Chain, The Psychedelic Furs right through to The Strokes and The Libertines Rob was there, and he saw it all. It would also appear to be a must read for any budding promoter, Rob told us  about the background behind the book.

ROB:” After having created two previous clubs, Sanctuary (1981-1986) and Mission (1988-1993), I was in need of some time out. Perhaps, it was some sort of a mid life crisis at the age of thirty-seven or perhaps I just needed rehab after the copious amounts of inebriation at Mission, but I found myself on John Moore’s couch for a short while and then a longer trip through Europe. Finally, relaxed and detoxed, I returned to a studio apartment in Chelsea on the west side of Manhattan before eventually re-opening another club called Luna Lounge.

Mission had been wonderful, a rollicking ride with my favorite bands who either happened to live nearby or were passing on tour through my town. At the time, very few bars were playing psychedelic, melodic guitar driven music in New York. It was either hip-hop, rap, or old school classic rock. A punk bar or two had existed but even those were now mostly a thing of the past. It was the late eighties and at Mission you would hear Killing Joke, Ministry, The Sisters Of Mercy, and of course, The Jesus And Mary Chain.

 It wasn’t long before the players in these groups discovered the scene at the bar and we were delighted to host some glorious rock-n-roll parties. Among my favourites was the reception for John Moore’s first marriage, the Jesus and Mary Chain after show party for their Ritz show that had been cancelled at the very last minute (with Nine Inch Nails in the front room of the bar), Joey Ramone’s birthday party, and at least two or three parties with the Psychedelic Furs.

A club is especially a precarious thing of the moment; they should never exist for too long. So, when Luna Lounge was forced to close due to the real estate boom of the previous decade, I sat myself down and tried to take stock of my life. And, in so doing, I discovered that music was the river and my connection to friends with whom I shared my time. Since we were born in the age of the electric guitar, it was the sound of our age defined. I’ve gathered those memories around me and looking at what I have found, the stream connecting my story is that I’ve lived a rock’n’roll dream around sound…”


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