Songs To Learn And Sing – Tashaki Miyaki, Loved Ones, The Raveonettes, Eugene McGuiness, Little Comets.

This Week Tashaki Miyaki, Loved Ones, The Raveonettes, Eugene McGuiness, Little Comets.


Just a quick one this week as I’m in the middle of decorating, getting a new PC built and  …zzzz…ok, ok on to the music…


Tashaki Miyaki.

“Something Is Better Than Nothing” By Tashaki Miyaki

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First up is Tashaki Miyaki who aren’t distant relatives of Keisuke Miyagi but are in fact a Californian collective who specialise in impeccable reverb soaked dream pop of the highest order. They’ve already been described as sounding like a female Jesus And Mary Chain (hang on wasn’t that Sister Vanilla ?) and their debut EP shows plenty of promise. It’s available now on bandcamp the tracklisting is as follows.

1. ‘Somethin’ Better Than Nothin”
2. ‘Happiness’
3. ‘Keep Me In Mind’
4. ‘Get It Right’

Bonus tracks available on Bandcamp
5. ‘Heartbeat’ (Buddy Holly Cover)
6. ‘Somethin’ Better Than Nothin” (Alt Version)
7. ‘Keep Me In Mind’ (Alt Version)
8. ‘Get It Right’ (Alt Version)

‘Heartbeat’ (Buddy Holly Cover) By Tashaki Miyaki.

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 Loved Ones.

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Here’s a turn up! A band from my domicile of the Wirral. Even better a band from Merseyside who don’t attempt to play that god-awful faux Beatles/La’s/Cast shtick which is almost as tiresome as Micahel McIntyre’s ‘comedy’. This is fucking rather lovely, ethereal and hypnotic.  What with Adele from Bird, Liz  Green Nigel Blackwell and ahem, us, things on the this side of the water are looking up


The Raveonettes.

The Raveonettes are not renown for being a band who happily march along path of least resistance and  release what they claim is the least commercial song off their recent “Raven In The Grave” album, in what they claim is an ‘anti-single’.  Whatever the politics behind it’s release it still manages to sound way better than 99% of big label releases! Long may they continue to rant and rave !


Eugene McGuiness.

We’ve caught Eugene live on a number of occasions and he’s never failed to impress. Energetic, charismatic with a hint of a young Edwyn Collins about him. Well he’s back complete with a sharp suit, slicked back hair and dancers who could teach Thom Yorke what rhythm is all about. It’s quite a different sound from his earlier work and it’s as infectious as a Euro debt crisis but heaps more fun.  A big year in 2012 for Eugene we fancy! (and no that’s not “Yoda speak”  to say  we fancy Eugene what we mean is … ah forget it, enjoy the video below and grab a free download here



Little Comets.

Worry’ By Little Comets.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&player_type=artwork&color=ff0030″ width=”220″ height=”220″ ]

Little Comets return with more of their danceable indie, This is the lead from their new Ep ‘Worry’ and after a slow start builds into the sort of tune that takes residence in your head and refuses to leave even if the mayor Of New York DEMANDS it ( democracy fail). But hey we like it so there will be no tear gas here.


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  1. The worrying thing (or awesome thing, depending on your tastes) about the Little Comets track is the fact you can sing the chorus to ‘Higher Love’ over it and it doesn’t sound out of place.


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