Songs To Learn And Sing – Birdland, Mechanical Bride, The Rialto Burns.

Birdland  Return!!


“Everybody’s Dreaming” – Birdland.

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It seems Birdland are back!!  In the late eighties Birdland  burst on to the scene looking somewhat  like a ‘Midwitch Cuckoo’  version of the Ramones or The Stooges replete with a frenzied, amphetamine  fuelled sound. They were quickly called the next big thing by the music press,  alas timing is everything and the decision to delay their debut album meant that  they failed to take advantage of their escalating  fan base. Sadly by the time the debut album finally emerged, the press had found new media darlings and Birdland were lost amongst Britpoppers and grunge . However if you listen to songs like ‘Hollow Heart’, ‘Sugar Blood’ and ‘Sleep With Me’, you’ll find they have aged remarkably well.  If the  demo above is anything to go by it looks like this reunion could be a lot of fun….Now can I squeeze into my skinny jeans for one last hurrah???



Mechanical Bride.

Mechanical Bride - VPME

“Colour Of Fire” By Mechanical Bride.

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‘Colour Of Fire’ is available to download for free from the Mechanical Bride official site now – ‘Colour Of Fire’ is taken from Mechanical Bride’s debut album ‘Living With Ants’, released 6th June via Transgressive.

Mechanical Bride, AKA 25 year old songwriter and self-taught musician Lauren Doss, her work has been compared to PJ Harvey, Laura Marling and Bat For Lashes.



The Rialto Burns.

The Rialto Burns

‘Learning To Fight’ By The Rialto Burns.

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Liverpool’s The Rialto Burns release the ‘For The Asking’ EP on 13 June 2011 – an energetic 10 tracker full of cavernous, dark moments, electrical soaring highs.