Songs To Learn and Sing- Ladytron Ace Of Hz (Remix)

Yes it’s a new year and a brand new feature replacing the dreadful leaden punning ‘Something For The Weakend‘ posts. Basically it means I’m not restricted or duty bound to post anything every Friday (which I rarely managed). I’m just posting what I like whenever I like. So there!



Ladytron- Ace Of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix Radio Edit)

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I’ve always loved Ladytron, what with their icy imperiousness, impossible to resist electro beats, sweeping synths and soaring hook laden choruses. They also part owned my favourite bar in Liverpool, the much missed Korova.  I’ve tried to interview them a couple of times but to no avail, maybe it’s that icy imperiousness again eh ? Anyway they are releasing an EP around their single Ace of Hz on March 14th in the UK, available to download now in the US. It features remixes from Tiësto, Punks Jump Up and NYCPARTYINFO.

The band are currently working on their as yet untitled 5th studio album but ‘Imeprious’ would be a fantastic title I reckon. And to make my heart burst further with joy they will release a ‘Best Of’ compilation this spring.