Songs To Learn And Sing – Sarabeth Tucek – ‘Get Well Soon’

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‘Get Well Soon‘ By Sarabeth Tucek.

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There are occasions in life when you come across a song of such exquisite beauty that it literally stops you dead in your tracks. One that has the power to effect you so profoundly that  it makes your heart ache whilst simultaneously gives cause for your ears to quiver with joy. That’s exactly the scenario I experienced upon first hearing Sarabeth Tucek’s beautiful  ‘Get Well Soon’ taken from her forthcoming album of the same name.  Sarabeth, who has been championed by the likes of Bob Dylan and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, has produced a song that positively shimmers with celestial beauty. As  a singer  she’s blessed with a luminous, crystalline voice whilst possessing the ability to deftly convey the contents of her heart with an eloquent, understated majesty.

It’s an intensely personal, emotionally cathartic song for Sarabeth which she has described as ‘a reminder to keep myself well.  It’s hard to explain the ferocity of grief I experienced when my father died. I really felt like it was going to kill me, so to be here…well I just wanted to remind myself of what I survived.’  It’s this sort of emotional honesty that marks Sarabeth out as a hugely gifted artist and one who we hope, gains a wider audience with the release of her  second album in April. Lord knows, in the age of the auto tune the world needs Sarabeth Tucek who effortlessly demonstrates that music still has the power to move and inspire, despite what the pop charts may tell you.

Sounds like ? : An ascension to heaven whilst painting the sky with stars accompanied by Mazzy Star and Cat Power.


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  1. love the song and your reaction to its is very honest . ;An ascension to heaven etc ‘ captures my own feelings perfectly I really am very moved by Sarabeth’s music


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