12 To Listen Out For In 2016 – Part 1

12 Artists

So we’ve had the BBC Sound of 2016 long list, and bloggers top choices via the Blog Sound of 2016 …and if we’re being honest we didn’t find too much to get excited about in either list. Of course the only list we 100% agree with is our own ;).   Last year we tipped amongst others Black Honey who continued to impress with some show-stopping performances during the festival season this year.  We also tipped  Halsey who has since sold out Madison Square garden and recorded a duet with The Beiber, and we have to say we didn’t see that one coming!

Anyway here’s part 1 of  12 bands and artists we hope will make a reasonable dent in 2016.



Vant  are the brainchild of frontman Mattie Vant who fuse socially aware garage and grunge to produce something that conjures up visions of The Pixies, Nirvana and even the Ramones. The songs are short punchy and melodic and as a live unit  the band are more fun than a barrel of monkeys or watching THIS  



We came across Zuzu at this summer’s FestEVOL in Liverpool we didn’t know much about her, in fact, we could quite easily have missed her. It was probably the fact that she’s named after George Bailey’s daughter in our fave festive film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ that made up our mind to go and give her a listen. And we’re very grateful we did because her set was full of sharp observations, driving spiky guitars, melody and attitude.  Zuzu is the work of Zuzu Stranack, a scouser now based in London and defo one to watch out for in 2016.



Previously known as Heavy Petting Zoo,  the band rather sensibly changed their name to Beach Fatigue as they prepare for their debut album. They meld garage and surf rock whilst Amy Zachariah delivers a fabulously uncompromising, menacing riot grrrl vocal. The  debut album is scheduled  for early 2016, and if it contains the lip curling hip swivelling swagger of tunes such as ‘Deathproof’ and ‘Drunken Girrrls’, should be an absolute cracker!



Not caught this visceral post-punk trio live yet , but their music gives off a frenetic visceral post-punk energy which we’re sure would make them an intriguing live prospect… they’re certainly generating a buzz in their hometown of Manchester and 2016 should see them increase their fan base with faster than Eric Pickles demolishing his Christmas dinner.



Post-punk angst, this time from Yorkshire in the shape of FEHM  who mix choppy guitars, dystopian synths with a  brooding sense of gothic menace and the strident stentorian vocals and savage delivery of frontman Paul Riddle, which on occasion conjure up the spectre of Curtis/ Eldritch and Coleman (Jaz, not David). Imagine perhaps Bauhaus minus the pretension, and ill-advised theatrics.


Kid Wave - Bully - Live Night And Day Cafe Manchester

Fronted by multi-talented producer/engineer writer, singer, guitarist, producer, and engineer Alicia Bognanno Bully are a formidable live act, and their recent debut album does manage to capture some of that raw excitement. There’s an uncontrived  honesty and a fizzing energy that radiates from Bully’s music, and we’d suggest 2016 festival bookers ensure they get them on their bill next year


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