One To Watch 2018 – No.4 – The Blinders

Ones to Watch 2018 – No.5 – The Blinders

Visceral, unhinged, thrilling and chaotic. Just four words that could be used to describe The Blinders. We caught them in a sweaty basement at this year’s Fest Evol in Liverpool somewhat on the off chance and were completely captivated by their incredible performance which involved stage invasions, waving a communist flag and the sort of tunes that could restore your faith in new music.

The twisted, snarling driving majesty of ‘Brave New World’ for example, gives a flavour of what The Blinders are capable of. Often dark, politically charged lyrics spat out with equal parts venom and frustration meld with unhinged buzzsaw guitars to produce an explosive Molotov cocktail of sound, but to truly appreciate just how powerful they are you really do need to catch them live. They’ve recently moved from their native Doncaster to Manchester (refreshingly not London ) to take their message to the masses.

FEST EVOL 2017 Blinders 02
Having recently eschewed overtures from major labels and opting to sign for new Liverpool based label Modern Sky UK, which they say affords them “100% creative freedom” 2018 looks set to be an exciting year for this mesmerising trio, or to quote the band themselves “The future’s bleak, but at least we get to decide it’s soundtrack.” There’s nowt peaky about these Blinders.

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FEST EVOL 2017 Blinders 04

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