Ones To Watch 2018 – No.5 – Miss World

Ones To Watch 2018 Miss World

One of our musical highlights of 2017 was the arrival of Miss World the new musical project of London based artist Natalie Chahal (also half of Shit Girlfriend alongside Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes) who combines sugar-sweet vocals with sardonic wit and perfect melody.

Her debut EP ‘Waist Management’ released via the fantastic PNKSLM’ label brought the ‘Girls In The Garage’ style of melodic lo-fi pop bang up to date as she aimed her playful vitriol at targets such as consumerism, the shallowness of fame for its own sake, online shopping, and those aspiring to or promoting  an idealised version of a life that rarely exists. Lyrics such as “Daddy won’t pay to inflate my chest/ that’s ok cos my life is so groovy/ my life is so groovy, it’s so groovy/ now put me in a movie “ and “All the boy’s they really like me/ All the girls they wanna fight me/ I’ll have fun ’till the day I’m dead/ with all this space, up in my head “ on the wonderful ‘Put Me In A Movie*’  encapsulate exactly what Miss World is all about. ( *which coincidently – or not – is also of the title of a Lana Del Rey track)

Some may feel there’s only so much mileage to be had out of an “ironic alter ego” but we’d suggest such a view should be balanced against just how bloody good the tracks she’s released so far have been. Hopefully, we’ll hear much more from Miss World in 2018 and fingers crossed there will be a debut album.

Ones To Watch 2018 Miss World

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