Track Of The Day – Chløë Black Good Times

Track Of The Day – Chløë Black Good Times

‘Good Times’?  F**k yeah, we could do with some of them at the moment.  Obviously when velvet-voiced singer-songwriter and pop noir queen Chløë Black sings about ‘Good Times’ there’s always going to be a flip side, a shadow across the moon, for every high there’s a low, whether it’s celebrating the ’27 Club’ or f**king in the waterbed Black is an artist who has always been drawn to the deep end.  There’s always been a dark brume of despair to her work, an atmosphere of faded vintage Hollywood glam, and she delivers her lines perfectly, world-weary perhaps, but still chasing the highs. On this outing, she is looking for light in the darkness in the raw aftermath of a relationship gone awry where ‘everything hurts when I’m sober.’

We asked Chløë about the upbeat song title given she’s somebody known for her Cimmerian leanings and who often sounds rather beautifully crestfallen. And she told us with a knowing wink good times sounds happy but it’s not of course 😉 – it is, I think, ostensibly a song about that toxic nostalgia we all experience in moments of depression…especially at the end of a relationship. Even if the relationship was horrible and dysfunctional, human nature always seems to be that when it’s time to say goodbye to someone or something, our brain floods with images of the ‘Good Times’.

I’ve fallen victim to this a lot. I also thought it would be an interesting juxtaposition to sing about grief over such a happy sounding beat. For me, life’s most touching moments are the bittersweet ones.’

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