New Tracks – Chløë Black – Waterbed

Chløë Black  Waterbed.

The last time we featured Chløë Black we asked her ‘why on earth aren’t you HUGE?’  to which she responded  “well I’m not gonna lie, I have been eating a hell of a lot of spaghetti … I SHOULD be huge..’ There then followed a number of side-splitting pasta related puns which we won’t repeat here, but it does seem somewhat serendipitous that Chløë makes a return with a newly “penne”d song on what according to twitter, is world pasta day

Recently she’s been actively working with photographer Nadia  Lee Cohen helping to create a striking, twisted world of hyper-realism and faded Hollywood Glamour which seems to straddle Waters, Lynch and Kubrick. And her music often seems the perfect soundtrack to accompany that sort of imagery. Her new offering  ‘Waterbed’ proves a number of things, that Chløë was lost none of her dark allure, that she still retains a voice full of velvety languid soulful seduction, even when  singing into a microphone made out of an old pay phone she still sounds as intoxicating and narcotic as a milkshake laced with valium and she still enjoys a good old effing swear.  It’s a darkly provocative, sexually charged number, and you could interpret the song in a number of ways, indeed she has said that “the song is more than just literal.” Mind you a song with such a high “eff” count isn’t going to get you on daytime radio, any day soon, a place where non-confrontational mundanity holds sway.  Which is probably a fucking blessing.

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