English Teacher : Song About Love

English Teacher’s ( one of my ones to watch for last year’s Under the Radar Tips[December 2021] ) latest release  ‘Song About Love’, is a kitchen sink love song which arrives via Speedy Wunderground and is produced by SW maestro Dan Carey. And he helps the band bring out a spontaneous dynamic inquisitive energy. English Teacher is a band who have already proved themselves to be canny incisive social commentators, as tracks such as “Wallace“, “R & B ” and last year’s “Polyakward Ep” have proven, fusing an acerbic wit with a refreshing off-the-wall pop sensibility.   Recorded in one take, Carey and  Speedy Wunderground certainly have an innate ability to capture lightning in a bottle.  

English Teacher’s  Lily Fontaine explains “ It was a relief to finally get into the room and discuss our music and music in general; what came out the other end certainly couldn’t have happened in another space, with another producer or on another day “ :

Of the song, she says: “It’s a pop song about doing chores instead of doing someone else, and how even songs with social or political themes that analyse contemporary discourse, rather” than lyricism about tired themes like romantic love, still come from a place of love, or lack thereof.”

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