LAPÊCHE: “Slight”

This last few weeks the old M.E. kicked in again, (people with Long Covid can relate) leaving me feeling flatter than Jacob Rees Mogg’s Top Hat after being inadvertently sat upon by Boris Johnson (or if you prefer, the Conservative Party’s approval ratings.)

The sense of ennui has carried on into this week as there’s been fuck all tickling my musical tastebuds thus far, other than some of the big releases. Anyway, I’ve delved back a couple of weeks to see what I’ve missed.  And Lo! Brooklyn-based LAPÊCHE have released a quite wonderful slice of driving indie rock, in the form of their latest single “Slight.” It hooks you in straight away and feels rather like stepping out of the darkness into the light and as such is hugely uplifting. I feel better already! 

“Slight” is about the experience of living life in a constant state of bracing for impact; imposing will and control as a response to fear, and excusing actions based on circumstance. “Slight” explores waking from this trance to begin acting from a place of presence rather than reactivity. LAPÊCHE is singer and guitarist Krista Diem, her husband and bassist Dave Diem, guitarist Drew DeMaio and drummer Richard Salino who are inspired by indie-alternative aesthetics and DIY ethics.

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